Saturday, May 2, 2009

swimsuits and such

so. it's saturday, 2 may 2009. i live in nashville, tn. i drive a honda. i go to church on sunday nights. i like coffee. i love my family, which includes a lot of friends. life is good. i volunteer as a music teacher to inner city kids, and it's the highlight of life.

i am a pescaterian. i want to be more eco-conscious. oh, and i like to walk. i wish nashville had more sidewalks.

i want to write children's books and share with them the arts of our world.

i'm going to visit geneva and earl in two weeks. geneva and i are going to sew.

i'm thrilled it's spring. i want to seek out the sun and the beach.

anthropologie has some gorgeous, expensive swimsuits. shall we?? yes. my two favorites are the deckwork suit for the one piece and the heartbeats suit for the two piece.

i hope everyone had a great day! :)

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