Monday, May 18, 2009

over the river and through the woods

this past weekend i drove up to visit my grandparents. it was a weekend i will never forget. from the second i walked in the door, i felt at home. homemade everything: pies, chicken-n-noodles, angel food cake, buttermilk pancakes, and even the pancake syrup. how does my grandmother do it??

after settling in, she and i decided to look through her boxes of fabric. and by boxes, i mean, BOXES! 22 of them. fabrics that were each bought for a project or a person in mind. each held a story that went deeper than the pattern, material, and color. it was fascinating. grandma allowed me to choose my favorites fabrics to sew with. the one i cannot wait to use is entitled, "freckles." it was one that my mom picked out when she was 13. mother like daughter. :)

apart from the sewing, i couldn't help but feel like i had taken a trip back in time, listening to my grandparents' stories of the farm, meeting each other and their courtship, and their prayer lives over their 60 years plus of marriage together. my grandmother read from old journals and letters, dating back to my great-grandfather raymond. it was almost like certain pieces of my life that somehow felt askew started to make sense and they aligned as i sat there.

i can't wait to tell more....and with that being said...i'll be sure to write and share more about my trip home this week.

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