Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

change comes to washington

what a day!  20 january 2009 marks a pivotal point in history.  the inauguration of the 44th president of the united states.  president elect barack obama will be sworn into office, and will assume the office as the united states' commander in chief.  president obama.   millions of people have gathered in washington dc to add this day to their own memoirs, and millions around the world are gathering around tv's and computers to witness this transition of power.  

here is a picture from a friend of where he and another friend will be watching the inauguration today.   i know.  i'm jealous too.  

and here is a picture of people gathered in the mall.  it's amazing to be apart of such a generation.  a generation that has triumphed generalizations, and is united for change and hope.  

god bless america.  god bless the bush family and the obama family, and all the men and women who have made today what it is.  


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

geneva and bernina

have you ever had the phone ring, and your gut tells you it's bad news? well. that happened to me today. my cell rang, i looked down to see a flashing picture of a magnolia on the screen (saved for my mom's # on my caller id). my stomach literally turned upside down before i even said hello. it's my grandmother. geneva was admitted into a hospital today. she's had a series of mini-strokes. i won't go into too much detail b/c i don't have too much detail to offer. all i know is that they're keeping her there for more observation. i'm worried sick...which is what happens to me in situations beyond my scope of vision or control. over christmas this happened with my grandfather (geneva's husband) and i ended up cutting my hair. my hairdresser said i'm an emotional cutter (of hair). well my bangs are so short i wont be doing that again today, so i guess i'll just be occupying the silence of the wait with activities.

activity 1: i'm going to a sewing session tonight for my new sewing machine: bernina 220.
geneva (grandma) would want me there.

Monday, January 12, 2009

2009 - a year of NOW

happy new year. by this time, we've all become somewhat settled as to what the year 2009 means for each of us. my theme for 2009 is NOW.

i've either stumbled across some encouraging phrases for this new year or have been encouraged by others' voices, and would love to share them with you!

1 - in dreams begin responsibilities.
2 - engage your world.
3 - execute 9 of the 10 ideas you have. no matter if they're silly, random, or whimsical.
4 - to be free, means to be free to fail.
5 - take an account for your adventures.

2009 is a year of being taught and being a teacher. taking leaps of faith. taking road trips with a best friend. donating your bone marrow to a stranger. traveling halfway across the world to make a movie. having dance parties by yourself. going to yoga at noon. making your bed every morning. falling on your hands and knees.

i'm excited for this new year.