Sunday, March 29, 2009

fix the bleed

so my sweet nephew, that is 1 year old, likes to climb things. for example, his go-to favorites are boxes, chairs, ottomans, stairs, etc. last week he found a new obstacle to overcome in his sister's bedroom: her chest that she keeps her dress-up princess clothes in (every 3 year old girl is a princess). so i do believe he made it to the top of the chest, and quickly tumbled off, and on his way down he knicked his temple on her bed post. bless her heart, his sister, karsen, was in the room, and quickly called for her mom, screaming, "fix the bleed, mom. fix the bleed." their mom, tara, asked karsen to run into the bathroom to retrieve some toilet paper to put on his open wound. karsen, being mommy's helper, quickly ran into the bathroom and proceeded to find an entire roll of paper (what a resourceful one), that she then THREW at her mom, while still belting her battle cry, FIX THE BLEED, MOM!

i love the faith of a child in their parents to take care of emergencies. in many ways, i echo her plea to my heavenly Father. fix the bleed! fix the bleed! and He does. sometimes i don't depend so much on the Father, but my own strength...and although sometimes the bleeding stops, the wounds are never completely healed without the Father and obeying His commands.

so this story doesn't have much to do with fashion, but whatever. i bought some vintage boots in austin, tx that i love. there you go. shop vintage!

oh, so caden is fine. he did receive his first little badge of courage in the form of four stitches. i asked if caden had learned his lesson to stop climbing, and of course his daddy said "no!". you can't keep a determined boy down.

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sissyharrington said...

this story made me happy and gave me hope you janney.