Monday, November 17, 2008

the comeback of cravats and snowflakes

not that i don't adore the scarves we've been sporting for the last two seasons (i saw a fifth grader wearing one last week), i am ecstatic about the soft whisper of something new when it comes to neckwear.  
trendcentral updates the new neck alternative is a throw back to the days of yore.  sleek silhouettes using elegance and delicate pops of length and color provide a great new accessory you can create at home or find at your local posh boutiques.   styles inspired from gothic to western, anyone can put their own twist on it.  i recently wore a brooch version with a beautiful black ribbon tied underneath. wear it with a flanel shirt, a dress, a button down, etc.  the options are endless.  
oh..and it's snowing back home around the great lakes.  

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