Monday, November 24, 2008

she and him

one of my favorites, she and him, have been given a nod from paste magazine as album of the year. hooray! i would also like to give them a nod for their amazing cover on paste, in stores NOW.

dear stylist of she and him shoot: you are GREAT! please tell me the designer of m ward's suit.

unfortunately, i can't find the cover image yet online, but i did find this photograph from the shoot. m ward's suit is absolutely amazing. the flannel shirt and black boutonnière provide enough friction to compliment zooey's dark tights and ivory dress and shoes. if you have a chance to grab a closer look of m ward's suit, PLEASE do. better yet, just grab this issue (issue 49 dec/jan) of paste. it appears to a be a light grey wool blend. so handsome.

ps - i have a new niece being born today. :)


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