Friday, October 31, 2008

the new kids

with all of the election hub-bub going on, i decided to grace your eyes with a powerful depiction of civil rights, and ask the question, "how far have we come?". this a norman rockwell entitled "new kids in the neighborhood."

this morning i read an amazing article about a woman in bastrop county, texas, who at 109 years of age, being a daughter of a slave, recently voted by a mail-in-ballot for obama. this woman paid the poll tax to vote until the year 1966. it's amazing that even though african americans were given the right to vote after the civil war, the state legislatures passed laws to keep african americans away from the polls, imposing tests and taxes to earn their right to vote.

in a time where americans are supposedly "united", i find that we're still radically divided. we're missing the greater point. instead of fighting with each other, we need to fight to understand each other.


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