Friday, October 17, 2008

autumn afternoon

This is my desktop image at work. It's amazing....(and I can't remember where I found deepest apologies to the photographer who deserves all of the credit.)

Home was a small, rural community in Illinois, and this photo paints the perfect picture of the land surrounding Geneva's home. It transports me to my own youthful afternoons at her farm as we waited for Earl (my grandfather) to drive up the long lane. Time slows down a bit when you look at this photo, almost to a complete stop. For me I get lost in the tall grasses as a ten year old looking for adventure. A light wind leads us (probably my two brothers and I) around the big, red barn, over to the winding creek, and down to the old train tracks. Every child deserves a setting in which their imaginations can be authored by such a place.


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